Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats In Pasadena, TX

The Importance of Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats In Pasadena, TX

Deciding to spay or neuter your dog and cat is one of the best decisions you can make for their health and the greater pet community of Pasadena, TX. Instead of being cruel or painful, spays and neuters help to reduce your pet’s chance of developing certain cancers and conditions that can shorten your time with them and diminish the quality of their life. Additionally, spay and neuter surgeries help to reduce the problem of pet overpopulation and shelter crowding, which in turn gives current shelter pets a better chance at finding their forever homes.


At Spencer Animal Hospital, we recommend spaying or neutering your pet if they are not going to be bred. A timely surgery will greatly benefit their health and help you to have a closer, stronger relationship with them. Call us today at 281-476-0066 to start your cat or dog spay and neuter consultation with one of out expert veterinarians today.

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Preventing Cancer and Other Benefits of Pet Surgery

Spay and neuter surgeries do a world of good for your cat’s or dog’s physical and mental health. Without their reproductive organs, females have a much lower risk of developing breast cancer and uterine cancer, both of which can be difficult and costly to treat. Males, as well, have a reduced risk of testicular and prostate cancer.


Other benefits of surgery include:

  • Reduced desire to escape to find a mate, which often puts pets in harm’s way
  • Decreased spraying and mounting behaviors (males)
  • No frustrating and messy heat cycles (females)
  • Lessened aggression towards other dogs (males)
  • Reduced risk of pyometra, a serious uterine infection (females)


Spay/neuter surgeries receive the same safety precautions we use for every surgery. You can learn more about our pre-surgical and postoperative protocols here.

Spay and Neuter for Cats In Pasadena, TX

When Should I Spay/Neuter My Dog or Cat?

At Spencer Animal Hospital, we typically spay and neuter pets at about 5-6 months of age. However, for females, it’s best to spay them before their first heat cycle which can be as early as 4 months of age, as this further lowers their risk of developing breast cancer in the future. We will evaluate every pet on an individual basis to determine the best timeline for their surgery. Much of the decision depends on your pet’s size, weight, and health condition.

Spay and Neuter for Dogs In Pasadena, TX

Schedule Your Puppy’s or Kitten’s First Visit

In order to fully evaluate your pet for a spay or neuter surgery and to schedule it for the right time, we need to see them! Schedule your puppy’s or kitten’s first visit today. We’ll also be able to start their initial vaccination series, talk to you about parasite prevention, and deworm them if necessary. Contact us today at (281) 476-0066 with any questions or schedule your appointment online!