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Spencer Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary care to the Dickinson pet community, ever since we opened in 1974. At Spencer, we don't want going to the vet to drain your pockets, that's why our mission is to provide elite veterinary services at a low price. We are an AAHA accredited veterinarian and have maintained our high standards to this day. Once your pet walks through are doors they aren't just another pet but a special member of our family. In addition, our staff also treats you as family as well, as we know taking your pet to the vet can be a stressful experience. Please give us a call today, to become a member of our Spencer Animal Hospital family today.


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Our Veterinary Services

Spencer Animal Hospital offers an array of veterinary services to the Dickinson pet community including:

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Cat Boarding in Pasadena, TX
Dog Boarding in Pasadena, TX

Dog Activites Dickinson

Paul Hopkins Park, Elva Lobit Park, Ray Holbrook Park and Bayridge park are the best parks to take your dog out for some exercise in the Dickinson area. After the playdate, fuel up with a meal at some dog friendly restaurants in the area. Some of the best dog friendly restaurants around Dickinson include The Backyard, King's BierHaus, Hyde Park Kitchen, The Boldthouse and Stuttgarden Tavern to name a few. After the lunch/dinner pick up a treat or new dog toy at Petco or PetSmart two of the biggest pet stores in the area. If you are still looking for a pet or looking to add to your pet family, we recommend checking out an local animal shelter for adoption. Bayou Animal Services, Galveston Island Humane Society, Pasadena Animal Shelter and Houston Humane Society are some wonderful shelter to find your next pet around Dickinson.